Back in my studio! 

North Yorkshire Open Studios 2022 was incredible! Lovely to see and chat to so many lovely people - I counted 278 in my studio over the two weekends...

It's now time to turn my mini-gallery back into a working studio - reclaim my potter's wheel, kiln, shelving and workbench from their temporary display function and get my hands on clay again........


Maybe what I need now is a friendly external gallery to sell my work? 


Lesley Warner ceramics

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All my pieces start in the North Sea. I swim, I draw and then I make the object that the swim (my source research) dictates. Not every morning's swim makes it to the potter's wheel, but each piece that emerges embodies the particular mood, energy, light and feel of a specific swim. Each piece is very different - just as each time I swim in the "same" sea, but it is never the same from one day to the next. ​